Scan City Paper Restaurant Rater comments for the last several weeks, and you’ll find that several gauntlets have been laid down concerning local restaurants that offer Mexican and/or Tex-Mex:

“There are better Tex-Mex places in the Metro area,” says one of the Alexandria location of Don Pablo’s, “but it is a good value for the money and consistent.”

Mexicali Blues, says another, is “Inexpensive, low key, hip, funky, [and] family friendly.”

And the 18th Street juggernaut Lauriol Plaza is described as “A prime example of style over substance.”

Of course, there are other options—-here’s a sampling of local (Tex-) Mex restaurants that haven’t been rated by enough City Paper readers to win a Spork rating yet:

Hungry for more options? Just click here. Or here.