WATCHMarion Barry on Child Breastfeeding Civil Rights Amendment of 2007 (ASX format, forward to 22:40)

Finally. A clear explanation for the brilliance of Ward 8 Councilmember Marion S. Barry Jr.

The former mayor has never been the kind of guy to be humble about his intelligence. He’s fond of talking about how God blessed him with a great mind. Now he’s gotten a lot more specific.

At yesterday’s legislative session, Barry was down as a cointroducer of the Child Breastfeeding Civil Rights Amendment of 2007, a bill authored by Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham.

When Barry was recognized to speak on the bill, he veered slightly from the statement prepared by his staff.

“I was listening to Mr. Graham’s statement,” said Barry in a serious tone. “He indicated that breastfeeding tends to increase IQ.” Dramatic pause. “Let me just say, my mother breast-fed me.” Barry laughed, straightened his tie à la Rodney Dangerfield, then added: “So that might account for some of my, uh…”

Once the chuckles tailed off, Council Chairman Vincent Gray took control of situation. “We’ll allow you that comment on your birthday, Mr. Barry,” chided the chair.