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Today we received a promotional package from Rip It, maker of energy drinks. They have a new line of drinks, “Rip It Chic”—-made for women by women! According to the Web site, the drinks’ “flavors combine sugar free blends of unique ingredients like grapefruit, cinnamon and berries!”

The marketing team clearly tapped into the female psyche when it named the two flavors: “Berry In-O-Scent” and “Sin-A-Man.”

Perhaps you’re still lured in, as I was, by the specially designed, slender, purple and pink cans. After trying Berry In-O-Scent, I can attest that, sugar-free or not, it is sickeningly sweet. And there’s an unpleasant aftertaste that I want to scrape off my tongue. Maybe Berry In-O-Scent just needs some vodka.