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There can’t be many hit songs with a weirder back story than “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye,” which will doubtless be sung by some fans of some school at some point during the Big Dance that kicks off this weekend. Because of an ugly dispute between the real folks who put out the No. 1 smash, released by the band Steam in 1969, the record label hired musicians who had nothing to do with the original songwriters go out on the road and pretend to be the band.

Nobody in this video had anything to do with the recording you’re hearing, which isn’t hard to believe after taking a look at how poor the lip-synch job is. “Over the years I’ve heard from all sorts of people who claim they sang or played guitar or bass on ‘Na Na,'” says Gary DeCarlo, who co-wrote the song and sang lead on the original single, which soundtracks this hilariously horrendous clip. “No, you didn’t. I sang it. And there is no bass or guitar on the record. Just listen.”