With the White House announcing this weekend that it opposes a bill that would give the District a real seat in the House of Representatives, we all should be turning our attentions to one man: WTOP political analyst Mark Plotkin.

Plotkin has fought for statehood and ranted on the issue more than anyone else including our previous mayor, Anthony A. Williams. It’s the perfect time to hear Plotkin do Plotkin.

“It is not surprising,” Plotkin says of the Bush administration’s turn against the District.

Plotkin then drops this anecdote as an explanation: “I had a conversation with Karl Rove at Parker’s Exxon on MacArthur Boulevard. His car was pulling up for gas and mine was as well. This was four or five months ago. I saw the ‘Taxation Without Representation’ motto was concealed [by the license plate cover on Rove’s car]. I said, ‘Why are you concealing the thing?’ We had a conversation.”

Of course, Plotkin used the opportunity to hammer in on the statehood issue. “[Rove] said, ‘If you follow your logic, then Texas should be divided up into five different countries.’ I thought that was the end of the conversation. I just shook my head and got in the car….It was an insulting and demeaning remark.”

We aren’t sure what the hell Rove meant by that line of reasoning. But, like Plotkin, we agree that it must be some kind of putdown. Can anyone else out there parse Rove’s logic?