Hey, City Paper readers: Is your wattle trending downwards as your average age goes in the reverse direction? At least one of those processes is reversible—just employ the “face bra”! If you need another reasons to reconsider spending your golden years in the United States, just keep reading.



Do you have a persistent double chin that still “hangs around” even after you’ve lost weight?

“Shrinking a double chin is often difficult unless you address the underlying cause,” says Vicki Southard, creator of The Face Bra, a system that lifts and tightens neck and facial skin by reducing water retention and inflammation beneath the surface. (http://www.thefacewrap.com/testimonials.htm)

“Reduced circulation in the under-chin area can often cause a build up of metabolic waste that causes the area to bloat or swell,” says Southard. “Special minerals in The Face Bra flush away these wastes, allowing The Bra to compact and tighten the skin.”

Southard says not only can The Face Bra reduce and lift the under-chin area, but people often find their entire face trimmed, smoothed and softened after a few applications.

“Most people will see visible changes after two to six at-home treatments,” she says.

Southard says four of the most common reasons double chins can develop are:

1. Excess body weight. Especially the under chin area.
2. Water retention. Are you a water retainer?
3. Hereditary disposition. Are double chins a family trait?
4. Normal maturity process. Are showing signs of aging?

Even if you fall into one of the above categories, Southard says not to worry. Just “keep your chin up” as you follow her “7-Step Double Chin Slim-down Plan”:

1. Exercise your face. Facial Exercises work wonders!
2. Lose weight. A good way to reduce a double chin is to lose weight.
3. Eat healthy fresh foods and drink at least 8 cups of water per day.
4. Use a pure, well balanced Omega 3/Omega 6 oil. Soften skin from the inside out.
5. Use make up to draw attention from the neck and chin area.
6. Avoid wearing anything that will draw attention to your neck.
7. Use “The Face Bra” with Minerals for 45 minutes, 2-3 times per week to reduce puffiness and tighten the skin

“Cosmetic surgery should be the last resort,” says Vicki. “Too many people choose surgery or suction as their first remedy. It’s smarter to fix the cause of the double chin. Otherwise you may see it return.”

About Vicki Southard:
Creator of The Face Bra, a natural system that tightens and nourishes the skin while it deeply cleanses, Vicki initially created The Face Bra to naturally improve her own skin. She lives in Florida, close to the Gulf of Mexico, with her 2 children and husband, and several animals.