In its brief program last night about the D.C. modeling scene (what?), Fox 5 seemed to think that one meticulously groomed reporter could outdo years of Tyra Banks’ TV work.

“A lot of pretty faces in the modeling world, but behind the scenes—-better have a thick skin,” said Will Thomas.

I’m sorry, Thomas who-apparently-won-an-Emmy-for-reporting-on-Klan-activity-in Maryland, but leave the talk of body image and go-sees to America’s Next Top Model. Leave it to madwoman Janice Dickinson, walk expert Miss J, or queen bee Tyra. With the drama and all those ridiculous photo shoots—-posing underwater, suspended in the air, or with tarantulas—-how could you ever measure up?

It’s not news that being a model involves a lot of scrutiny and competition, nor that D.C. lacks the fashion scenes of New York and Paris. These models, they have to work second jobs! Turns out that Omar Popal, owner of Adams Morgan’s Napoleon, is a model.