If you couldn’t get a ticket to the various Cal Robbins benefit shows, you can at least support the Robbins family another way by purchasing a just-released benefit compilation. Ex-Jawbox drummer Zach Barocas and others organized the effort and have released a double-CD compilation entitled For Callum to raise money for the Callum Robbins fund. More details can be found at Catlick Records.

The tracklist, which includes some heavy hitters, after the jump.


  1. All the Way Rider—-“Luxembourg”
  2. Arcwelder—-“The Hope (demo)”
  3. Careers In Modeling—-“Acorn”
  4. Chad—-“English Girl”
  5. Channels—-“Cast Away”
  6. E. Fowlkes Sextet—-“Rory Corrigan”
  7. Engine 88—-“Get Off”
  8. Engine Down—-“Your Suit”
  9. Eternals—-“Rawar Style”
  10. Gordonovich—-“Au Revoir (Char’s Garden)”
  11. David Grubbs—-“A Dream to Help Me Sleep”
  12. Halloween, Alaska—-“Halloween (remix)”
  13. The Icy Shores—-“Backseat”
  14. Imaginary Johnny—-“Little Dimes”
  15. Jawbreaker—-“I Love You So Much It’s Killing Us Both (demo)”
  16. Kingfield—-“Penny”
  17. Bryan Knisley—-“Madeline”
  18. Joe Lally—-“Mistaken Identity”
  19. Life and Times—-“Catching Crumbs”
  20. Maritime—-“Tearing up the Oxygen”
  21. Medications—-“Domestic Animals”
  22. Bill Mike—-“Secure”
  23. The Million—-“Waterfront (demo)”
  24. Mission of Burma—-“N.S.U.”
  25. Travis Morrison—-“Represent”
  26. Drew O’Doherty—-“You’ll Believe A Man Can Fly”
  27. The Oranges Band—-“Operator”
  28. Pilot to Gunner—-“All the Lights”
  29. Roh Delikat—-“Ant Overthrow”
  30. Self-Evident—-“World As a Verb”
  31. The Spectaculars—-“Dopasetic”
  32. Story of the Sea—-“West Bank”