We here at City Paper can never pass up a good bodily-fluid story, so we figured we’d give you advance warning on tonight’s Velvet Lounge show by controversial French performance artist Jean-Louis Costes.

Here’s how Costes describes his new act:

“Little Birds Shit” is the story of an ordinary couple. They meet…They Flirt…They Fuck…They make a baby… They fall into the normal trappings of family existence, working to make money.
— As they grow weary from the struggles of life, they find solace in acts of bizarre s&m sex.

However, this description of the act from North Dakota’s Rapid City Journal might give you a better idea of what you’re in for:

After stripping off their grubby clothes, the pair gobbled potato chips and spit them on the crowd, vomited into a filthy commode and threw around fake feces and urine before being shut down about a half hour into what was to be a 45-minute performance.

There were also plenty of “props.” The last straw, apparently, was a simulated sex act involving a carrot.

At any rate, if your idea of a chill Friday night is a cold can of Schlitz and a randy Frenchman performing vegetable-driven-buttsex on somebody, you know where to find it.