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Veteran and newbie party crashers looking to horn in on the media-sponsored drinkfest following tomorrow night’s Washington Correspondents’ Dinner (not to be confused with the swankier White House Correspondents’ Dinner) may find it a tougher go this year. Word is last year’s limited offerings—Fox News’ subdued (read: boring) party and CNN’s tropical dance-off—might be even lamer this year. CNN moved its party over to the Russia House (tracksuits, apparently, optional) and there are sketchy reports on anyone else opening the bar(s) post-dinner in the bottom of the Hinckley.

People, let’s step up. Despite cutting budgets and staff, despite the “death of print” and so on, traditions should remain alive. Priorities must be reset. Attention to our deteriorating livers must be paid. I mean, things are not so bad, are they? Anderson Cooper still has a job. Heck, he’s even on “60 Minutes” with the occasional puff piece. Charlie Gibson has single-handedly saved ABC News. Katie Couric needs all the help she can get. So: Pony up, CBS! Let’s feel the love.

Otherwise, it’s off to the Russia House with some story about we just flew in from Atlanta. The turbulence was terrible and we could really use a drink.