In attempting to document the lapses of one Postie, our esteemed editor believes that white people gentrifiers don’t say racist shit out in the open, like, say, at a hipster joint on H Street. I disagreed at the time. And then this past weekend I witnessed a Great Moment in Gentrification, one that I think deserves some debate.

What do y’all think of this: It’s about 11:15 p.m. this past Saturday night. In front of Cue Bar, I wait to meet up with a friend and observe a squad of frat goons (you know the look: buzz cuts, thick necks, untucked dress shirts, jeans) approach an idling cab. These men are seriously drunk. One dude, maybe three ask the cabbie for a ride. The cab driver says he’s waiting for another fare. One of the dudes then yells at the cabbie: “We have a lot more money than whoever you’re waiting for!”

I thought: Yikes.

Racism? Classism? Or this is just what happens on the new U Street?

It turns out the cabbie was waiting for woman just getting off a shift at a nearby bar.