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When Mayor Adrian Fenty stepped to the microphone today to officially open the interim library in Anacostia, he called on one of the grade-school students gathered for the photo op to join him.

During a quick tour of the prefab temporary library before the official announcement, Fenty had run into a young girl named Shawna who was skeptical about his title. “She asked if I was really the mayor,” he said. “So I gave her my card.”

After she held up the card for everyone to see, Shawna figured she would take advantage of her proximity to power. “Can I have a dollar?” she asked Fenty, to the roaring laughter of the crowd.

Shawna just smiled and kept her gaze fixed on her new friend.

With nearly 100 children looking on, Fenty must have figured it was no time to play kiddie banker. “I’m sorry, but I have two little boys of my own,” he told the little girl.