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Allow me to rebut.

The Washington Post needs to keep shoehorning those brilliant pregame stories into the paper. As a Hoyas fan, I read every one, even though I concede they are the most predictably formatted items in the paper. So what: local team makes the big game, you flood the zone. That’s just the way it works. (Disclosure: I’m responsible for a piece of pre-game hype for a Washington Post Co.-owned property myself.)

Erik now comes into my office to argue that all these pregame stories are a waste of valuable journalistic resources. Yeah, because there’s so many other huge sports stories out there this week that having Eric Prisbell in Atlanta is going to preclude covering. Uh oh—-Gary Williams has hemorrhoids! Where’s that Terps beat writer!!!

This is far from the worst waste of journalistic resources going on at the Post Sports section. What’s Tarik El Bashir up to right now? Caps fans won’t miss him for a few days—-I want him covering Hoyas hoop. What about the team of Redskins reporters on Lance Briggs watch right now? Send them down, too.

For one thing, Emilio, if you don’t do it, you will have a mob of angry Hoyas fans on your ass. Oh wait, you already do.