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I’ve been a serious gym obsessive for several years now, in several different cities. I had the scuzzy, muscle-man gym in Philly, the hip, scenester gyms in Portland and Seattle. All three have had a dominant pack of gay men who basically run the place. Like most straight girls, I find the homosexual presence pretty comforting in a setting that involves sweating and tight clothes. You don’t get ogled and hit on all the time, and you can ogle men without risk of anything other than them thinking you have a staring problem.

But the gay-male presence at the “Dupont Circle” Results I recently joined is way beyond dominant. The gym is all men. And they’re a little territorial. On my tour I was shown the special women-only weights area. I thought it was great, an added comfort zone. After joining I realized it’s more like the women’s ghetto. I get icy stares when I work out anywhere else, and our little play lot doesn’t have as many weights or as nice of equipment as the two floors of weights used freely by lots and lots of men.

So I’ve decided to rebel. I’m going to stake out space in man land and see what happens.