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In this week’s NEW, REDESIGNED, MORE COLORFUL City Paper, you’ll find:

  • For your Easter Sunday, the Washington City Paper guide to alternative Christian enlightenment, with your guide, Service Industry’s Aaron Leitko.
  • Jason Cherkis on the D.C. Jail’s ongoing problem with not releasing inmates that have been freed. Last week, a federal judge slammed the District for not fixing a chronic problem.
  • In Loose Lips: James Jones does an interview with ex-community services head Merrit Drucker. What he has to say about the supposedly services-friendly Adrian Fenty may surprise you.
  • In Cheap Seats: Dave McKenna on a secret homebuilt skateboarders’ park tucked into a Shaw warehouse. Until it suddenly closed down last month, it was the center of a remarkable creative scene.
  • In Show & Tell: Jessica Gould on a literal shitstorm down at the Big Hunt. And is the end of the Smithsonian Jazz Cafe nigh?
  • In Young & Hungry: Tim Carman on Montsouris, a new bistro in Dupont Circle.
  • The debut of Ask Bob!
  • Plus film, music, lots of theater, books, and more