This is how the kids were entertained on a summer evening in 1959. From the Aug. 31 issue of the Washington Post, Times Herald, curiously headlined “Park Teen”:

Annette Funicello, the Disney movie and TV discovery, is one of the teenagers singing their recording hits on the ‘Show of Stars’ bill opening the Carter Barron Amphitheater’s final week Tuesday night.”

This item, with a photograph (but not the one pictured here), appeared in the paper’s A section. A reason to thank Ben Bradlee for creating Style? It must be noted that the Mouseketeer was billed over Clyde McPhatter and the Clovers. Paul Anka was the headliner.

Also on the page, Hollywood gossip columnist Louella Parsons complains about Darryl Zanuck‘s plans to make a movie of the hit pulp novel The Chapman Report, writing, “But to me sex habits of women should not be put on any motion picture screen for public exhibition.” Sorry, Louella, the film, directed by George Cukor and starring saucy starlet Jane Fonda, won the ’63 Golden Globe for Best Picture. Apparently, the exhibition of women’s sex habits was of some interest to people in the ’60s.

Thanks to inveterate researcher Jeff Krulik for plucking this vital information from the dustbin of history, located somewhere inside the Library of Congress.