Things to take away from last night’s Stooges show:

  1. Watching bald men mosh is funny.
  2. Even a dad—-graying hair, white push-broom ’stache—-can get thrown out of a show. There is no age limit on stupidity.
  3. Iggy now most closely resembles a well-tanned praying mantis.
  4. Even the roadie looked 60.
  5. When Iggy leaned into the crowd, the roadie did a nice job holding onto his pants. You have to wonder why the guy wasn’t wearing latex gloves. At the end of the show, those hands have got to smell. Or maybe he was just spotting Iggy, making sure he wouldn’t fall. Whatever. Props to the roadie.
  6. Bottled water is no substitute for blood.
  7. If you are going to throw your drum sticks into the crowd, make it count the first time.
  8. Sometimes when a show is advertised as sold out, it doesn’t account for the no shows.
  9. The Stooges like “I Wanna Be Your Dog” so much they played it twice.
  10. Rock saxophone is hard to pull off. But they pulled it off.
  11. When the hooded sweatshirt cost $50, you know you are at a reunion show.