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Smog is dead. But Bill Callahan lives on. The D.C.-burbs native has a new album—-Woke on a Whaleheart—-coming out this month under his own name. It surely will feature the man’s usual sardonic, stoic, and steely voice set against fingerpicking and odd song arrangements marrying up blues and gospel (we hear this time around). The man can write funny and serious. He’s not above making us feel a little queasy. Although he has long since moved from these parts, there’s a little Fahey in him. And maybe even a little Jonny Cohen.

If you’ve never heard Smog/Callahan, here’s one of my favorite lyrics, this set from “Prince Alone in the Studio”:

Prince alone in the studio
It’s two a.m. and all the girls are gone
The girls thought they were going to be able
To have sex with him
They wore their special underwear
Once the tracks were laid down
Prince’s back turned around
Raspberry headphones on his head

Obviously, the key is the special underwear.

Anyway, listen to “Sycamore”, a just-released MP3 from Whaleheart. It’s one of the more gentle things the man has done. It could soundtrack your spring whenever the fuck spring finally gets here.