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Interesting tidbit in today’s New York Times profile of Tim Gunn of Project Runway: He’s the great-grandson of Harry Wardman, famous for building hotels, apartment buildings, and lots and lots of row houses in D.C. in the early 20th Century.

Even today, real-estate agents continue to call those row houses, many of them built in now-gentrifying neighborhoods as Columbia Heights and Eckington, “Wardman-style” dwellings—-even houses that weren’t actually built by Wardman. Perhaps his most famous namesake, though, is the Wardman Park Hotel in Woodley Park, now owned by Marriott.

Wardman built quite a fortune before losing most of it in the 1929 stock-market crash. He continued to build houses, though. The Post ran a piece about Wardman’s legacy back in 2005. Nothing in there about how he “made it work,” though.