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Here’s a clip of local hero Adrian Dantley during his sophomore year at Notre Dame, as his Irish play Cincinnati in Lawrence, Kans., in the 1976 NCAA Tournament. Among the changes to the college game in the intervening decades: NBC owned broadcast rights to the tournament; the play clock kept running after baskets, even in the closing moments; games were played in small, on-campus arenas, even those with tartan courts; on-screen graphics and cheerleaders uniforms were huge compared to today’s versions, while the players’ shorts were itsy-bitsy-teenie-weenie. (Polyester doesn’t just go away, so there must be a massive stockpile of this era’s Speedo-esque gym shorts somewhere in the Third World. And wherever that stockpile is, Cincy Coach Gale Catlett‘s sportcoat is probably nearby.)

Yet some things are about the same. The tape provides proof that Billy Packer‘s crap tank was already pretty full all those years ago. Not to give away how the game ends, but with about a minute left, Packer analyzes the proceedings thusly: “Cincinnati in the driver’s seat!”