Mayor Adrian Fenty is generously using the resources of his office to pump up attendance at the April 16 voting rights march. Callers to the mayor’s citywide call center are urged to attend the march. He mentions the event at almost every public appearance.

But the mayor’s enthusiasm for the voting rights cause hasn’t reached all D.C. employees.

On Thursday, LL spied one of those billboard trailers attached to a pickup truck with a big sign promoting the march. The rolling promo was parked near the corner of 15th and U Streets NW, right in front of the headquarters of D.C. Vote. Two D.C. parking officers were finishing their work and slapping two tickets under the truck’s windshield wipers. By the time LL parked and ran back to them, the officers were on their way to another hit.

Everyone knows D.C. ticket writers are ruthless. And who can blame them if they are bolstering the D.C. treasury by nailing freeloaders from Maryland and Virginia?

But Officer Williams (Badge No. 00370) could find no reason to give a break to democracy crusaders—-despite the “Demand The Vote” billboard attached to the offending vehicle. The driver of the truck is out $100—-$50 each for “OBSTRUCTING CROSSWALK” and “BLOCKING HYDRANT,” according to the tickets.

LL found the driver, Levone Seegars of Billboard Connection, in the D.C. Vote conference room. He operates a little company out of his home and was donating his time to the voting rights cause.

Perhaps Seegars should take his case to someone who might be able to get the tickets waived. It should be pretty easy to find the mayor at the front of the voting rights march on Monday.