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A couple of weeks back, I was strolling back to the City Paper offices after grabbing some soup from So’s Your Mom when I was accosted near the intersection of 18th and Columbia by a middle-aged gentleman. That would have been Fox 5‘s Paul Wagner, who informed me that, gasp, the 3rd District has more crime than the 6th and 7th Districts combined (or as he put it, “Anacostia”).

So I did a little stand-up interview. I explained that, as a larger-than-average male, I felt perfectly safe walking between our Adams Morgan office and my home in Mount Pleasant; that I was skeptical of making comparisons because the 3rd District is much more densely populated than the east of the river; and that the rise in crimes are mostly thefts from autos and other minor property crimes. I thought I’d been thoughtful and reasonably cohesive.

Last night, Fox 5 aired the finished piece.

My interview: “I’m comfortable with the, the level of policing that’s done. I know—-I know in this neighborhood that the, the, the, uh, the beat cops are very good.”