This afternoon, Jason Dellinger was the only non-media type working the grounds of the Drillfield. His job: to bring Jesus back into the school. His method: a handy flyer and the polite hectoring of grieving students passing by.

Dellinger, a pastor with the Kerygma Church in Concord, N.C., drove the roughly three and a half hours because he says he was pissed about yesterday’s convocation ceremony.

“We watched the convocation and we thought it was an abomination that Jesus wasn’t mentioned. We thought kids had to know the Truth,” Dellinger explains. He then rattled off the various denominations that took part in the service.

“I think there was a Lutheran,” he adds. “Didn’t say nothing about Jesus.”

“The Muslim guy was the only one that got up and spoke like a man,” Dellinger says. “I think he mentioned Allah six times.”

Dellinger believes that the shooting could have been avoided if the school had allowed for a little more Jesus inside its walls.

By 3 p.m., Dellinger had run out of flyers.