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The subject line on a memo sent to CNN staffers today held all the subtlety of Cho Seung-Hui pointing a gun at the camera: “RE: Cho video and gun pictures—NO MORE USEAGE!!!”

CNN’s in the process of killing out of its system all images Cho sent to NBC, which slapped its logo on them to indicate the “exclusive.”

From the memo obtained by City Desk: “The John King package, ‘First Killing Why?’ and the Sean Callebs pkg: ‘Cho: The Early Years’ have been updated using appropriate video. All packages are being updated on a per request basis.” So don’t expect to find the shots in CNN’s Web archive.

Most news agencies agree they would have run at least some of the photos and videos if Cho sent his manifesto to them, but the backlash against NBC has gained steam since parents of victims canceled their scheduled appearances on Today the morning after NBC broke their piece of this story. CBS and Fox News have also scaled back their usage. The New York Times ran out front with the photo of Cho that puts the viewer square in the barrel of his gun. The Post went with Cho’s gunslinger stance in the print product Thursday and posted online a tamer version of it here.

What do you think? Should media outlets run Cho’s photos? Should they erase them from their archives?