Thomas Boswell explains what history makes clear: The Redskins should dump their first-round pick in this Saturday’s draft. This is one of the easier columns to write all year. All Boswell has to do is run these names: Yazoo Smith, Ray McDonald, Bobby Wilson, Desmond Howard, Tom Carter, Heath Shuler, Michael Westbrook, Andre Johnson, Kenard Lang, Rod Gardner, and Patrick Ramsey. Who among these picks do you all think was the worst of the bunch? My vote is an obvious choice: Shuler.

David Broder judges the first Democratic presidential debate. We pity him as this was a zinger-free snooze. (We would have loved a real answer from Edwards about his $400 haircut, a real answer from Clinton on her Iraq war vote, and a real answer from Obama on what to do in Iraq.) Broder’s ruling? All the major candidates are competent!