A dull Swiss army knife does not slice through penis foreskin like butter. That might have been the freakiest thing about last night’s art performance by Adrian Parsons—why, if you’ve chosen this path, would you not invest in the finest in self-mutilation technology? Why saw when you could slice? Maybe there’s no singling out any one freaky thing about “Shrapnel,” a performance in which Parsons removed his own foreskin and stuffed it into a glory hole in the wall at The Warehouse. The performance was staged for “Supple”, a group show of otherwise modest painting and sculpture. Hope you caught Parsons’s act of auto-circumcision last night, since he won’t be repeating it.

Warning: If I didn’t mention it before, this guy circumcises himself in this video, so don’t watch it if you don’t want to see that or if your boss is looming over your shoulder.

Update: Someone cried foul, and YouTube responded by removing the video, citing a copyright violation. But I shot the video myself, and both the artist and curator seem fine with my posting it, so we’ll do it our-damn-selves. Oh, and Parsons is fine, by the way—after the hospital, he even managed to avoid a layover at the psych ward.