Whoever distributed the fake Bowser cards weren’t the only tricksters at work late last night. Michael Brown reports that his campaign office received several calls from homeowners reporting that Brown campaign signs had been placed in their yards. None of those callers had requested a sign.

Brown says his election-eve visibility plan did not include staking signs in the yards of random voters. “Somebody was trying to make us look bad,” said Brown. “We had to send people out late last night to pick up the signs.”

His attempt to make good with a handful of voters who were pissed off to find a Brown sign in their yard is understandable given what appears to be a dismally low voter turnout. At St. John’s College High School in upper Northwest, 66 voters had cast their votes by 8:30 a.m., the usual end of the morning rush. A half-hour later at Lafayette Elementary—-another traditional high-voter-turnout precinct—-90 votes had been cast.