Last week, Washington Post columnist Marc Fisher had some serious fun with a local administrative law judge who was suing a District dry cleaners for $65 million over a missing pair of pants and the usual “mental suffering” that goes along with missing pants.

Today, the dry cleaners’ lawyers sent out a memo to its “friends and clients” assuring them that all the media attention didn’t go to their heads. And, oh yeah, they’ve gotten a lot of media attention:

The unexpected national media interest generated by the Washington Post article has kept us very busy. Over the past week, numerous media outlets have sought interviews with Chris and with our clients. We have granted limited interviews to Nightline, Good Morning America and the Today Show. We understand the Nightline segment will run this evening on ABC at 11:30 pm with the others to run on ABC and NBC tomorrow morning sometime after 7:00 am.

The lawyers, Mendi Sossamon and Chris Manning, conclude by assuring their “friends and clients” that they will continue to be their “top priority.”

Fisher says that the response to his column has been “pretty large” and has had inquiries from other media looking for contact info. But none of the hoopla, he assures, has kept him from his Post duties. “Somehow I’m managing,” he assures.

The judge with missing pants is up for reappointment this week, Fisher adds. He says he hopes to do a follow-up story.