This week, much of America paused to, um, celebrate the fourth anniversary of our president’s “Mission Accomplished” address aboard an aircraft carrier. Since that phrase was uttered by the commander-in-chief, it’s become a punch line, right down there with “Slam Dunk,” and it no longer signifies anything good.

Yet…MASN and the Nationals are now using the phrase in their Nationals marketing campaign: “Mission Accomplished!” is now the apparently un-ironic tag line in a series of commercials profiling leading Nats players—-a spot going over pitcher Jon Rauch‘s 2007 goals and ending with “Mission Accomplished!” aired during the Nats-Mets game last weekend. Then again, team management has already showed love to disgraced phrases from the Bush lexicon.

It seems to be catchy. When a reader questioned Stan Kasten‘s methodology, Washington Post Sunday columnist George Solomon, defended the president in Bush-speak: His “plan” needs time, Solomon wrote. Despite his team being bogged down in a losing campaign, Kasten would love a surge in attendance.