Despite the news that the Georgetown Boys & Girls Club might be sold, the staffers at the Jelleff branch have reached out to a facility facing a more uncertain future: the Georgetown public library.

Bob Stowers, the branch’s director, says that library officials have called him to see about annexing the library’s now-homeless children’s programs to his facility. “I am going to do everything I can to make it work,” he says, adding that the relocation plan may include the library taking over some part of the branch’s parking lot.

Monica Lewis, spokesperson for the D.C. Public Library, says nothing formal has yet crossed her desk concerning this arrangement. She does note that others are jumping in to help out. Today, the fire department announced that it, too, wanted to get familiar with the works of J.K. Rowling, saying that it would make some room at a nearby fire house to host children’s programs.

Lewis says there are plans to repurpose a bookmobile as well. The mobile has room for roughly five computers, equipped with WiFi, as well as a small collection of books. No word yet, Lewis adds, on where the mobile will be idling. “We hope within a few blocks of the current Georgetown library,” she says. The Jelleff branch is a block away.

And not to be outdone, the Washington Conservation Guild announced today [PDF] that it will be donating proceeds from a fundraiser to help preserve materials damaged by the fire. No matter what, the guild has the other orgs beat in the charity sweepstakes—-they were there first. Guild members were able to get a freezer truck and painting conservator to the scene as the library was still smoldering.

For those that need a little Preservation 101: Sarah Stauderman, a Guild board member, explains the use of a freezer truck this way: “Freezing is typically what we do with paper-based materials when they’ve been exposed to water. If you leave something that’s wet out, mold will grow on it….Freezing gives you the time to get together your resources, to develop a plan of triage.”