Marc Fisher stands up for an undeveloped Poplar Point. His column is so strong, we’re going to quote a good chunk of it (but read the rest, too!):

The city planners who created Rock Creek Park and the Mall envisioned Anacostia Park as a similarly expansive refuge from urban clamor. But over the last few decades, the military took large chunks of the land for bases, and the White House took land for secret intelligence installations, and even a good portion of the last remaining stretch of parkland is now fenced off, a forgotten and neglected wasteland of abandoned ideas and vandalized buildings. It’s only natural that the developers and politicians who superimpose a stadium and housing and stores on aerial photos of wetlands think of Poplar Point as a dump. That’s how they’ve treated it.

Dana Milbank notes that since Bush has lost the public’s support for the war, and with Republicans growing fidgety over his stay-the-course-defend-and-hold-troop-surge strategy, the Prez has started to invoke Al-Qaeda more and more. Forget about a civil war, we’re fighting terrorists! In a speech yesterday morning, Bush name dropped the terrorist group 27 times.