How well do you know the tastes of Washington City Paper Restaurant Raters?

Below are a half-dozen comments on local restaurants, submitted to our Web site by raters. See if you can match each comment the right establishment. (The choices, in alphabetical order, are: Asylum, Bukom Cafe, Churreria Madrid, Clyde’s of Gallery Place, Logan Tavern, and Maestro.)

  1. “It does remind me of Spain.”
  2. It’s “that cool-casual place you just want to love.”
  3. “Although it is constantly busy you can have a nice time with a date, secluded and personal.”
  4. “This restaurant is always packed on the weekends. Very quiet and best service during the week days.”
  5. It’s “no more pretentious than any other fine restaurant. You just need to go there and let the experience flow over you without worrying about how much you are spending. If you are concerned about spending/value ratio, then [this restaurant] is not going to be your cup of tea.”
  6. “There was a group of loud GW law students next to us, pontificating as only law students can do….They fit in with the bikers, who fit in fine with the preppies.”

Answers after the jump.

  1. Churreria Madrid
  2. Logan Tavern
  3. Clyde’s of Gallery Place
  4. Bukom Cafe
  5. Maestro
  6. Asylum

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