According to 3rd District police e-mail, a suspicious package containing a “white powder substance” arrived at the Washington Post on Friday. A fire department hazmat team tested the stuff. It was pancake mix.

I wonder what message the batter-bombers were trying to send. Get back to basics? Don’t forget breakfast, it’s the most important meal? Simple carbs may be bad for you, but they taste good?

Blotter entry after the jump.

Posted by: “Santiago, Marco (MPD)”

Mon May 7, 2007 9:12 am (PST)

An envelope containing a white powder substance was received by the Washington Post. The substance was tested by the DCFD HAZMAT Unit and found to be pancake mix. Officer Malcolm, P. badge 2000 reporting. 1310 hours, CCN: 057-173, 3D PSA 306 5/4/07