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Tracking the Nats’ historic chase of the ’62 Mets

Current Record: 9-22 (.290, 10.5 GB)

Projected Record: 47-115

1-5 Nats Pitchers Who Just Went on the DL After Spending Last Year on the DL Who Nonetheless Describe Themselves as “Happy With Myself”: 1

Professional Baseball Teams Based in Washington “Not on Suicide Watch”: 1

Number of Nats Players Who Watched De La Hoya/Mayweather Fight at Alfonso Soriano’s House in Chicago: 3

Parsing the Loss: Nats 3, Cubs 4. For all the chatter about Chad Cordero‘s blown saves this year, has anyone considered that what looks like a flameout on the field is in fact a carefully calibrated and subversive response to the front office’s well-documented penchant for cutting costs? Just a theory.

Barry Svrluga Adjectives of the Day: “cramped,” “embattled”