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The woman in the sheer black outfit, which revealed just a little too much skin, opened her shoulder bag and pulled out an animal, a red toy poodle she introduced as Campari. The sweet little dog sat silently between the woman and her friend at the press dinner at Café du Parc. Which is more than I can say for Campari’s owner, “Karen,” a writer who told me her work had been published “everywhere.”

Between insulting my paper, my work ethic, my editor, my wife Carrie‘s job, and the whole newspaper industry itself, Karen dropped a mention that the City Paper had featured Campari on its cover. I had not seen it and wondered what on earth Campari could have done to merit a cover story. So I asked. Karen wouldn’t answer, leaving the implication hanging that Campari was merely celebrity enough to warrant coverage.

When Carrie and I arrived home, we searched the City Paper archives and found John Metcalfe and Erik Wemple‘s June 2005 story on Karen Feld. After reading it, we could only conclude that Feld didn’t get it. Why else would she bring up such an embarrassing story in a social setting?