Domku. Temperance Hall. Babies. For those left still wondering whether Petworth has fully become a gentrified neighborhood, we give you nathanmboggs writing on the ‘hood’s message board after a recent murder:

Not to be callous or anything. But, this isn’t news. Who cares? I mean really. These young guys hang on the corners selling drugs into the wee hours in the morning. So what he got murdered! That’s the cost they pay to do business? So in that sense, the world is rid of one unproductive animal. Hell, if it wasn’t against the law, I’d love to kill a couple of them myself! Petworth will be all the better with his passing….Let the drug dealers, robbers, and the killers have at each other. And for the lucky ones that survive, hopefully the police can take care of them. I’ll just buy more prison stock and try to recoup some of my taxes spent feeding the animals that don’t learn their lesson from this.

Thankfully, the Petworth board slammed the poster for his comments, telling him he should seek counseling, and just all-around put him in his place. Yesterday afternoon, he posted, “And for the record, I am a black man. So don’t go calling me some racist.”