Tracking the Nats’ historic chase of the ’62 Mets

Current Record: 9-25 (.264, 12.5 GB)

Projected Record: 43-119

Third Basemen Who Say They Realize the Nats are “Not Going to Win 100 Games This Year”: 1

Nats Team Presidents Who Say They’re “Back in Their Village Idiot Phase”: 1

Parsing the Loss: Nats 1, Milwaukee 3. Yesterday, a commenter in Barry Svrluga’s in-game chat wondered whether pitcher Ray King, who complained about the clubhouse’s new alcohol ban, “should get on a treadmill after the game, instead of drink beer?” But tubby hurlers aren’t so much the problem as an offense that’s shown a worse ROI, hit-wise, than Kings of Leon.

Barry Svrluga Simile of the Day: “something akin to being pecked to death”

Tom Boswell Cruel Nats Description of the Day: “roster of discount vagabonds”