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Ben Gibbard played two sold-out shows last night at the 9:30 Club. Unsurprisingly, it was a pretty young crowd; the staff was checking hand stamps like hawks. Being Playing a solo acoustic show, Gibbard gravitated toward the ballads, and during nearly every song some frat-boy, douche-bag type would yell, “Gibbard rocks!” or something along those lines.

At one point the shouts made Gibbard pause midsong and say, “That’s a really strange reaction to this song.” Later in the night, he commented on how aggressive a D.C. crowd is, which caused an uproar of cheering and applauding. He added that while he appreciates that people are so excited that it’s making them shout things, would they please “shut the fuck up.”

The question is, are D.C. crowds that different from crowds in other cities?