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Tracking the Nats’ historic chase of the ’62 Mets

Current Record: 12-25 (.324, 12 GB)

Projected Record: 52-110

Holidays During Which Ryan Zimmerman Will Have the Opportunity for Further Heroics: Flag Day (June 14, @ Baltimore), Friendship Day (Aug. 4, @ St. Louis), Grandparents Day (Sept. 9, @ Atlanta)

Number of Days That Have Passed Since the Nats Last Won Three Games in a Row: 229

Parsing the Wins: Like the Army of Northern Virginia staring down McClellan at the end of the Peninsular Campaign, the Washington Nationals said, in effect, to Florida, who are from south of here but stick with my metaphor if you don’t mind, “You think you know from long, drawn-out misery?” then proceeded to go all Battle of Beaver Dam Creek on the Fish. Okay, maybe the Yankees technically won that, but many Civil War scholars agree it was a net loss for the Union.

Barry Svrluga Nouns Unexpectedly Applied to a Nationals Player: “flair and impact”