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My computer caught on fire last week. Really. Flames and all.

It’s a MacBook, just seven months old. White sparks started coming out of the AC adapter cord, which quickly melted the cable’s plastic covering, and a flame about the size of an average cigarette lighter’s shot out of the hole created by the melting. I’d heard about Apple’s battery woes, but this was different. And when I called Apple to report the fire, the cavalierness with which the company rep took the news—-sure seems to me that this situation could have burned down the house under only slightly different circumstances—-led me to believe he’d heard it all before. After a quick look at the Apple.com message board page for the product, I saw my hunch was right.

This from DM from Crapaud (no relation to DM from Petworth):

…the cable near the mag end got really hot and melted through the plastic, then set a pile of papers on my desk on fire! I assume i am a rare case, and in Apple’s defense, customer support was fantastic, but still, wow.

By the way, Apple’s official name for my adapter, which is allegedly the company’s state of the power cord, is the MagSafe. Guess handles like “iPyro” and “MacCellerant” didn’t test as well. A replacement cord that was supposed to be overnighted six days ago never arrived, but here’s a photo of the burned-out cord, taken with the computer’s on-board camera using what little juice is left in the box.

Anybody else out there burned by their Mac?