Tracking the Nats’ historic chase of the ’62 Mets

Current Record: 14-26 (.349, 11.5)

Projected Record: 57-105

Ryans on the Field Last Night: 3

Brians on the Field Last Night: 2

Parsing the Win: Nats 6, Atlanta 4. A growing body of evidence suggests there is an inverse relationship between the Nationals’ performance and Washington Post sports columnist Thomas Boswell‘s sense of optimism about the team.

  • Item: “Those Poor Nats,” 3/28. Sample Quote: “So far, the Nats’ brain trust may be doing quite well. With less than a week before Opening Day, the Nats don’t look as lousy in Florida as they might prefer.” Team Record Until Next Column: 0-4-1 (ties are allowed during spring training)
  • Item: “At RFK, Baseball 101,” 4/3. Sample Quote: “There was an emergency meeting in the commissioner’s office after descriptions of yesterday’s Opening Day debacle at RFK reached the appropriate authorities. The vote was close. Mercy prevailed. They’re going to let the Nationals play again today.” Team Record Until Next Column: 4-8
  • Item: “Nats Are Winning. How Cool Is That?” 4/17. Sample Quote: “However, the core of this game, and of the past week for the Nats, is the intensity that a much-mocked Washington team has brought to its play at exactly the point when morale might have been tested most severely.” Team Record Until Next Column: 5-15
  • Item: “Paying the Price for a Plan,” 5/10. Sample Quote: “Yet watching such a precarious team, which may battle its way to being merely bad, but could collapse completely, is a gnawing worry.” Team Record Until Next Column: 5-1

Worrying News: Boswell’s column today ends on a note of hope: “If they survive this testing period with their attitude intact, the second half of this season, when they may be ‘radically healthier,’ could give ancient RFK one final summer of entertainment.”

Barry Svrluga Compound Adjective of the Day: “so far from embarrassing that it brings warm, fuzzy feelings”