D.C. congressional Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton is taking up the task of keeping the Post‘s corrections column up to date. A missive from her spokesperson Doxie McCoy arrived via e-mail shortly before 11 a.m. indicating that a Washington Post story which stated that an unnamed Republican had placed a hold on the school reform bill was wrong.

Apparently, Norton has asked for a “review,” of the bill, whatever that means. LL isn’t quite sure what Senate rule gives her the right to ask for anything in that chamber. The review, according to the press release, is supposed to help obtain “quick passage instead of being sent through the traditional longer process.”

Rather than go the correction route via the Post, Norton must have figured she’d get better play making the correction announcement herself. Press release after the jump.

Norton Corrects Erroneous Hold Report

Washington, DC—-The office of Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton said that there is no hold Republican or Democratic, on the DC School Reform Bill. Rather, the bill is being reviewed at the request of Congresswoman Norton, in order to obtain a quick passage. Norton’s view is that local home rule matters should not be subject to congressional review at all. She is preparing a bill that would eliminate all such reviews.