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First, let me establish my cred: I have no kids, and my wife and I are still debating if we ever want to bring a snot-nose, screaming drool-bag into this world before the oceans swallow up the place we call home. Now, with that said, I’d like to tell you where to take your kids.

No, not there.

Metro Connection host David Furst, who actually has rugrats, chats me up about kid-friendly restaurants. With the help of real live parents, I have assembled a tidy list of restaurants that will not give you a look of horror when you darken their doorway with pipsqueaks in each hand. Even better than that, you and your children may actually enjoy yourselves at these places.

To hear our conversation, listen to Metro Connection today at 1 p.m. on WAMU-FM. That’s 88.5 on your FM dial or your digital tuner or whatever you use these days to tune into those old-fashioned radio waves.