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The evil geniuses who make a living by claiming a kids game as their own aren’t playing well with each other anymore.

The four founders of the World Adult Kickball Association (David Lowry, Jimmy Walicek, Johnny LeHane, and Rich Humphrey) made themselves look like playground bullies last year by filing a federal lawsuit against fellow local adult kickballer Carter Rabasa. That complaint alleges that Rabasa’s league, DCKickball, violated copyright law by using the same kickball rules that WAKA and every third grader since caveman times use.

Well, it turns out that those wacky WAKAns aren’t content to just sue outsiders. While waiting for the DCKickball litigation to be resolved, these fine fellows are suing each other, too. According to the Virginia Lawyers Weekly, the three other founders apparently decided that Humphrey wasn’t pulling his weight and voted him out of the limited-liability corporation that owns WAKA and takes in millions of dollars in dues. Then they filed a lawsuit against Humphrey in circuit court in Fairfax County alleging he was tampering with the group’s Web site. (WAKA brass is big on Web-site chicanery, having bought up the dckickball.com domain name after Rabasa announced his intention to form a rival league.) Then Humphrey filed a countersuit against the other three, using all sorts of grownup words like “fiduciary” to say that his apparently ex-pals ripped him off.

Somebody needs a spanking!