The District of Columbia Court of Appeals yesterday handed down a ruling affirming the revocation of Club U’s liquor license.

Terrence Brown, 31, died after a fight in the lobby outside the club, which was located in the government-owned Reeves Center at 2000 14th St. NW, in February 2005. The Alcoholic Beverage Control Board revoked Club U’s liquor license in June of that year.

But Levelle Inc., which had operated the club, appealed the ABC Board’s decision to revoke the license, claiming it was “not supported by substantial evidence,” among other complaints.

The court disagreed. “Based on our review of the record, we conclude that there was substantial evidence to support the Board’s conclusion,” the court’s decision reads. Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham circulated an e-mail to neighborhood listservs today calling the appeals court decision a “vindication.”