With the sour taste of the overwhelmingly disappointing Spider-Man 3 still lingering in many filmgoers’ mouths, we now divert our attention to this summer’s upcoming blockbusters in search of big-budget satisfaction. High on many nerds’ list of hopefuls is Michael Bay‘s Transformers—-quite possibly the most eagerly anticipated outer-space-baddies-coming-to-destroy-the-American-way-of-life sci-fi action flick to be released the week of July 4th since Roland Emmerich’s Independence Day—-the latest trailer of which was released yesterday.

Many of the clips featured in this new trailer will be familiar to those who have been keeping tabs on the film: used-car salesman Bernie Mac explaining the relationship between a man and his car to lead actor Shia LaBeouf; a massive robot pulling itself out of the desert sands and lunging after a trio of terrified troops; a balls-out soldier angrily shouting “Bring it!” to an unseen-yet-presumably mechanical foe who he’d probably be better off not having “it” broughten by. But, unlike previous teasers, television spots, and trailers—-which, for the most part, contained only brief and partial shots of the titular robots—-this trailer offers several extended shots of Transformers in action. Such scenes include a Decepticon rollerblading a path of destruction across a freeway, bitchin’ Chevy Camero Bumblebee getting the shit shocked out of him by the military, and several shots of Autobots leader Optimus Prime in all of his full, red-and-blue-chrome 18-wheeler glory. In addition, die-hard fans of the television series will be pleased to hear the familiar “transforming sound” at 1:39 into the trailer, during the tail-end of Prime’s transformation.

Noticeably missing from the trailer, however, are the voices behind the robots in disguise. Thankfully, the film’s imdb.com entry contains a list of the voice actors, quelling any concerns that the mechanical stars go silent throughout the length of the flick. Among the credited actors are Peter Cullen (reprising his role as Optimus Prime), Hugo Weaving (as Decepticon leader Megatron), and Keith David (as Decepticon Barricade). What, no Casey Kasem?