From the H-DC list comes this tidbit: The Jewish Historical Society of Greater Washington has just launched an online exhibition, Half a Day on Sunday: Jewish-Owned “Mom and Pop” Grocery Stores. It grew out of an actual exhibit once shown the the Society; now it’s been converted to an online exhibit complete with photos, video, and a searchable database of Jewish-owned groceries.

Sadly, there’s few remnants left of what the exhibit documents. Supermarkets have long since killed off most corner grocers of any ethnicity. But Magruder’s and and Chevy Chase Supermarket have Jewish roots. And then there’s this tidbit: “In 1936, Nehemiah Cohen and Samuel Lehrman chose Washington for their new business venture and opened the first Giant self-service supermarket at Georgia Avenue and Park Road, N.W.”

As for the name of the project:

The grocery cooperative became a social group as well as a business community. At annual banquets and beach outings, grocers and their families established and nurtured a sense of community. On Sunday afternoons, many stores closed, and families picnicked at Hains Point or in Rock Creek Park, or had a rare meal out at Solomons—-a kosher restaurant on Kennedy Street, N.W.

Kudos to the JHS on a fantastic piece of community history.