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Sometimes when life starts to suck, you need not an uplifting tale, but a story of someone much worse off than you. Someone with a really rotten existence. Someone with no reason to hope. And this little guy from Japan, Kogepan, is your man.

He started life as a wad of dough (watch out, Meatwad, you’ve got competition) destined to become a delicious red-bean bun. He was so excited about his future that he giggled in anticipation. But on the way out of the oven, his dreams were lost for good. Kogepan fell off the tray, into the hell-hot depths below. He burned. He smelled bad. When the baker finally removed him, his old bun friends just made fun of him.

Unlike American fables, this Japanese yarn gets down in the nitty gritty of its subject’s woes. Kogepan settles in to some serious self-loathing and listlessness. He gets drunk on milk and smokes cigarettes. He reads self-help books in the vain hope that he can think his way out of burntitude. Then he returns to jealousy. The one plus—-which of course he doesn’t realize—-is that Kogepan is pretty cute.