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There’s nothing sexier than posing as a DCRA official, right? Apparently.

According to an alert distributed by DCRA’s Communications Team, telemarketers and con artists are calling consumers posing as the “Office of Consumer Affairs at 941 North Capitol Street in Washington, D.C.” You’ve won a sweepstakes, the con artists say, all you have to do is wire money to companies like Lloyd’s of London and the winnings are yours.

“But many consumers have discovered that the winnings never materialize and the thieves disappear with the money,” DCRA reports.

What’s worse: “These crooks attempt to add legitimacy to their sweepstakes con by using the names, telephone number and addresses of real government agencies,” says Bob Harris, manager of the District of Columbia Office of Consumer Protection, in the release.

DCRA offers some advice: “If you have to pay to collect your winnings, you haven’t won anything.”

Who knew people trusted DCRA so much to begin with?