Currently on the home page of is the online edition of one of the cover stories in today’s paper: “Not Everyone Admires the View,” which details how Rehoboth Beach officials are contemplating the regulation of the construction of new homes that some residents feel clash with the town’s “cottage-y feel.”

Featured in the online article (but not in the paper edition) is this photo

…which shows an obviously confused and terrified young man who is about to have his faced pecked off by a vicious seagull while his friend sits idly by contemplating the spectacle. The caption reads: “At Rehoboth Beach, Del., Mike Yerkes, 19, attracts gulls with crackers. (Linda Davidson/Post).”

Has the Post made a mistake here? Perhaps, on some lackey’s hard drive, there’s a file titled ManFeedingGentleSeaGull.jpg that was supposed to be put up in this photo’s place? Or maybe they just need someone’s help—-your help—-in coming up with a better caption.

CORRECTION, 2:54 P.M.: The photo actually ran on B3, accompanying a different article.